Elder-positive and useful resources.

The Tri-City Elder Coalition is such a fantastic example of what communities can do when they band together to support a cause. As their site notes: “Formed in 1991, the Tri-City Elder Coalition (TCEC) is an affiliation of over sixty-five organizations, including senior service providers, cultural and faith groups, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and businesses — all with one goal — to provide programs, services, and opportunities for seniors living in Fremont, Newark, and Union City, CA.”

Are You Bullying Your Aging Parents?” highlights some of the most delicate issues and common boundaries/sources of conflict surrounding aging and caregiving by children.

Have you had “the conversation” with your loved ones, about end-of-life care? The Conversation Project gives guidance and shares dozens of stories that others have with end-of-life support and resulting peace of mind.

Free assistance finding senior residences in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:

How Domotics Are Changing the Lives of Seniors for the Better